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Until the Forest Knows
✰Mikki. 18. CA.✰
A nine tailed fox.

“I'm constipated, couldn't give a shit.”

― Bo Burnham

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Oh my fucking god. 

I said I was going to stay up but I crashed around 3 AM. Fuck my life. I’m so fucking sleepy at work.

It’s all bad.

Thank goodness today is Friday though. I’ll take a little nap when I get home. 

I won’t be sleeping tonight because my cramps are fucking killing me. Never hurt this bad before. I’m literally just curling into a ball and rolling around on my bed crying in pain. This is so fucking terrible. 

I have work tomorrow, and it’s 1:26 AM. Fuck it. I’m not sleeping. I know it will be difficult anyways with this pain, so there is no trying.